Linen curtains

Tailored to order - 2350 CZK
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Product info:

Linen curtains.

Bring home a little Mediterranean, minimalist style. It just evokes a pleasant and gentle atmosphere at home. Due to its structure, it does not bind as much dust as cotton and is also naturally antistatic and antibacterial.

The curtains are ready to be hung on a pole. If you need other common suspensions (hooks, eyes, etc.), write your request in a note in the order and we will adjust the curtains for you at an additional cost.

The package always contains one piece of curtain. The width of the curtain is 160 cm. It is usually necessary to purchase two curtains for one window.

You can shorten and close the curtains yourself with the help of ironing tape, or we will shorten them to your desired size. Just order the correct length of curtains and send us the required size in the order note. Always measure from the upper edge of the bar to the required length (eg to the windowsill or floor).


Delivery info:

Delivery time for products on order is normally 2 weeks.


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