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Sheep leather
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Women’s suede minimalist slippers flattering the women’s leg, thanks to their bit pointed shape, they beautifully optically lengthen the legs. They may be elegant shoes for a dress or costume for a more formal meeting, but you can also slip into them when you just have to hurry for coffee or children – you can easily achieve a gypsy look with them. They also go to boho outfits. They are made entirely of soft, soft sheepskin in the color Tan.

The shoes are handmade for us in Bali, by the family that we were pleased to meet in person. And you know what? They like to wear the linen ..


Sizes (measured from heel to longest toe):

EU37 23.5 cm,

EU38 24.5 cm

EU39 25 cm

EU40 25.5 cm

EU41 26 cm

EU42 26.5 cm


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