Michaela night

Tailored to order - 4490 CZK
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100% Linen
100% cotton
Product info:

Michaela-night are a finer version of our favorite Michaela. Unlike them, they have the front part down to the ground and therefore they are decorated with a long siding on the back part. They are sewn from finer linen and cotton, and are thus gently translucent. The dress has an exposed back, which can be adjusted by pulling around the neck.
You will appreciate them as a luxurious nightdress. I spend evenings and days in them when I want to feel extra feminine. In summer I also wear them in the garden, by the sea to the sea. You will not want to take off this as light as a breeze dress.

Size XS: Chest circumference up to 85 cm. Bodice length 39 cm.
Size S: Chest circumference up to 90 cm. Bodice length 40 cm.
Size M: Chest circumference up to 95 cm. Bodice length 43 cm.

We tailor the length of the skirt. Please write the length from the waist to the ankles in a note in the basket. We can also sew larger sizes for surcharge 15%.


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Delivery time for products on order is normally 2 weeks.


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